Mycoplasma, microorganism halfway between a bacterium and a virus.

Cured pigeons gain some immunity, but become carriers and transmitters to young pigeons. This disease is generally associated with ORNITHOSIS.

Many pigeons are carriers and the diseases appear after the effort of difficult competitions.


Mucopurolent nasal discharge, reduced performance in competitions, refusal to fly, clumsy flight, inflammation of the back of the throat, loud gasping particularly audible at night, inflammation of the air sacs.


  • Serological examination of the antibodies of the attacked pigeons.
  • Dissection: Inflammation of the air sacs.
  • Serological analysis of blood.


Thorough disinfection. Preventive treatment can be carried out in the weeks off from competition seasons, especially after difficult competitions.

Elimination of possible factors that reduce the resistance of birds to infection. Such factors can be: an overcrowded loft, lack of hygiene, latent infections (e.g. ectoparasite or worm infestations, coccidiosis), excessive stress in breeding, poor feeding, insufficient water supply, stress during the racing season.</ p>

After the medication, it is advisable to administer a Vitamin Complex.