Adenovirosis (Young Pigeon Disease)


This is a mixed infection, including viruses and bacteria (especially E.coli and coccidia, but also protozoa).


Visible symptoms of disease: Lack of activity, puffy plumage, tired appearance.
Droppings of a sick pigeon: soft but forming large pools of frothy yellow-green droppings.


The disease can manifest itself in two ways:

Rapid death not preceded by any discernible signs of disease: A typical scenario where you might see youngsters being let loose from the loft for their daily training (perhaps on a hot day summer), they fly around for an hour and then return to the loft. They land on the roof or perching ledge, but do not respond to the breeder's attempts to re-enter the loft, and die a few hours later.

Death preceded by visible signs of the disease: During the period between the onset of symptoms and death (which ranges from 3 days to 1 week), the following symptoms are observed: -Lack of of activity, swollen plumage, rejection of food. -Swollen crop, weight loss, yellow-green stools in puddles, vomiting.


Due to the numerous pathogens involved in this disease, only an uncertain diagnosis is possible.

Similar diagnosis: E.Coli infection, Hexamithiasis.

Recommended product: Adenosan by CHEVITA

Indications for TREATMENT: There is no vaccine against nestling disease that can be used to prevent infection. However, affected pigeons can be treated.