Ectoparasites are widespread among pigeons. These parasites can cause different problems.


Feather lice, foot scab and feather pluck are always present on affected pigeons and only leave them to find new hosts.

Pigeon ticks, bird ticks and red lice attack pigeons only at night for a blood meal. If not, they hide in other places.

Piojo de las plumas    Garrapata de la paloma    Piojo rojo    Sarna desplumante    Sarna  de las patas


Feather lice can be seen with the naked eye on the plumage of pigeons. It is convenient to look against the light at the pigeons with open wings.

Invasion with feather-plucking scabs and foot mites is confirmed through analysis of a skin scraping from areas with inflamed and modified skin.

Pigeon and bird ticks as well as red lice can be seen with the naked eye in the nooks of the loft, the best time is early in the morning, when the pigeon parasites leave the pigeons to look for their hiding places. They can also be found at feeders and nests.


Clean food and drinking water containers with hot water. A regular bath with clear water - at least once a week - protects the pigeons against the invasion of ectoparasites.

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